About us

The Restaurant

Sun, wind, stone and water are the elements that compose the scenery of high aesthetic Restaurant | Coctail - Bar, Teloneio. Housed in two-storey old buildings. We are located in Limeni of Laconian Mani, in a place that the absolute sovereignty of simplicity, of traditional and primitive, strongly creates you the illusion of time cancellation.

Our Philosophy

Based on the unparalleled service, on cleanliness and freshness as well on the natural products such as organic olive oil from Lakonia, cheeses and myzithras from Taygetus and local meat from Sagias. The team that curates the kitchen promises to take you a trip of gastronomic creations in a world of unique pleasure.


Limeni, Eastern Municipality of Mani

Telephone: 27330 52702

info teloneio-limeni.gr

Opening Hours

From May to September


10:00 - 24:00

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