Limeni - Mani

Only the lyrics of K. Palamas can bring a special elegance to the character of Mani, with its unique architectural and cultural event, ranging from the Paleolithic era and continues uninterrupted until the later period.

 It is like rocks be equal and stabbing, upright and naked, trackless and abandoned. 

Landscape prefigures of what will follow thereafter when visitors entering to the peninsula of Mani. Where the absolute sovereignty of a natural element nails and captivates your senses, where the formerly character kept intact and unaltered, where is created the illusion of strong cancellation of time. The whole area of Mani is a vast museum of traditional settlements, from Byzantine churches, medieval castles, from paved roads and lake caves.

It is no coincidence that from the 128 preservable villages of Peloponnese, 98 is to Mani. Ideal place to live a transcendent reality.

To let yourself to the magic of the senses. Wander in traditional villages with cobbled narrow streets, built by Mani old rock builders who relentlessly carving the only thing available to Mani land, the stone. Discover the simple, authentic, primordial style that strongly opposes the development. Relax while gazing at the vastness of the sea, listening to the rhythmic sound of waves. Colliding with the morning laziness, to feel the gentle morning breeze which caressing your face. Swim in crystal clear waters of the Sea Coast along with the turtles. Be taken to the delicious world of Teloneio restaurant - cafe enjoying genuine authentic flavors, homemade. Be immersed in nirvana of senses admiring the unique spectacle of a sunset that smooths the colors of the iridescence of the soul. Be inspired by the lyrics of Takis Tsantila "The paths of the senses."

And finally, travel to tracing paths of past tradition and history of Mani, among rare books forgotten on dusty shelves of the bookstore's indomitable Mani. In this transcendent journey of images that are carefully stacked in my soul, the only companion to the essence of my feelings, memories are distilled from the charm of the browser, which in my effort to express enargos is absolutely sure will fall far short from reality. So I choose to express myself through lyrics by Yannis Ritsos,

 Unrepentant hunters and absolute beauty. 

Written by Charalambos Koukakis.


Limeni, Eastern Municipality of Mani

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