1. Fresh gourgette balls

filled with besamel from unsalted cheese in a basil cream base

2. Sygklino’’ smoked pork from Mani

with lemon cream & citrus sauce

3. Black eye beans

with fresh wild oregano & crunchy salty pasteli

4. Fresh gourgette balls

filled with rice, dill & chiouropaspala puree (traditional taste of Mani, from pork)

5. Smoked sausage from Mani

wrapped with grilled red pepper clay pots

6. Cabbage from Kastori

with multicolored feta balls

7. Grilled vegetables millefeuille

with talagani cheese, capers & extra virgin olive oil

8. Veal fillet tartar

with baby rocket salad & black truffle vinaigrette

9. Crunchy boukouvala

with avocado cream, tomato & sea urchin eggs

10. Grilled octopus

with white tarama mayonnaise


1. Greek traditional

with varieties of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, olives & salty feta cheese panacotta

2. Garden salad

from our Garden with rocket, purple gabbage, lettuce hearts, syglino of Mani, grilled “sfela” cheese, radish, orange, nuts & orange cream vinaigrette

3. Sea salad

broccoli, cauliflower, carrot slices, shrimps marinated with ouzo, grilled squid & extra virgin olive oil dressing


1. Fish soup (of grouper)


1. Grilled octopus

with tarama mayonnaise & wild sea fennel from Mani

2. Fried squid

3. Fried filleted anchovies

4. Red shrimps from Laconian bay (fresh)

Greek Sushi

1. Grouper tartar

with avocado, fresh onion, lime & citrus sauce

2. Ethnic quartet

with yellow tuna carpaccio, anchovies ceviche, shrimp sasimi & grouper tartar

3. Yellow tuna carpaccio

with baby rocketsalad & extra virgin olive oil with sage flavour


1. Lobster linguini (green)

with avocado

2. Shrimp spaghetti

with red shrimps of Laconian gulf

3. Homemade ravioli

with fresh shrimps

4. Mani carbonara

with smoked pork syglino of Mani


1. Orzo with scampi & finnochio

2. Risotto of beetroot

with wild mushrooms, walnuts & crunchy prosciutto

3. Three colored orzo of vegetable

with seafood & saffron from Kozani

Main dishes

1. Grilled grouper fillet (240gr.)

with asparagus wrapped in grilled eggplant & red grapes vinaigrette

2. Parrotfish fillet

with greens from Taygetos mountain, black eyed beans & puree from green beans rovitsa

3. Beef bon fillet

with preze mushrooms & black truffle oil cooked in homemade beef consommé

4. Greek mussaka

5. Lamb slowly cooked

with wild oregano, & spicy feta cheese crust


Limeni, Eastern Municipality of Mani

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Opening Hours

From May to September


10:00 - 24:00

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